The 7 Best Content Types for Free Traffic

The 7 best types of content to write for free traffic all have something in common.  Each one positions you as an expert on your particular topic.

To get started, ask yourself two questions. What do I want this piece of content to do?  Which of these 7 formats is the easiest and best way to deliver that information?

Often the best format is obvious.  If it isn’t, just pick one and write it.  Each of these formats will keep you focussed on that one thing and deliver the information in a way that inspires confidence in the reader that you know what you are talking about and that you have direct experience.

And just picking a format makes it easier to write, almost like filling in the blanks 🙂

When you finish, ask yourself if you answered that first question – what do I want this piece of content to do – and only that question! Delete anything that does not directly relate to that question.

How much should you write?  Write as much as it takes to be clear and complete and no more.  Sorry, but this is not a very definite answer. But if you can, write it then walk away for an hour or two (or a night) and when you come back to it, you will know as you write whether it is complete or not.  And remember, since it is online, you can easily come back and change it.

Table of Contents:  7 best types of content to write for free traffic.

  1. Ask and receive
  2. Everything you want to know about…
  3. Look, I love it!
  4. Walk this way
  5. Count them
  6. All together now
  7. Look who’s talking now!

1. Q&A
is great to write because it demonstrates knowledge of your subject at the same time showing that you listen and respond to your customers. It also shows that your product or service has been around long enough to have questions!

This is a great opportunity to address any objections that you have come across.  Put the objection in the form of a question, and then answer in a way that removes the objection.

And of course, this is your chance to highlight the key benefits that you provide and advantages over any competitors.

Because of its nature, the Q&A is a very simple way to use keywords and phrases in the content that will help get free traffic based on those keywords and phrases.  Your keyword research helps a lot.

2. A review of a product or service demonstrates product knowledge and familiarity, giving the reader confidence. Say what it is that you like about the product, emphasizing how it helps with specific things.  The more specific you can be, the better.

Again, the purpose is to show that you have, in fact, used the product or service. You can also add in other people’s comments and experiences, as they relate to yours.

If there is something that doesn’t work, also describe it.  The purpose of a review is to give the reader the full picture of the product.  It is a service to the reader.

3. A walk-through of a product or service has a similar effect as a review as it demonstrates that you have used the product. You can use the walk-through to show why you love the product or why you don’t!

You can even use it as an opportunity to show how a bundle of products might be a solution.  For example, you do a walk-through showing Product A and at one point, you point out something that is missing.  You mention Product B and also provide a link to it.

Again, the purpose here is to give the customer a level of comfort that you really do know and use the product that you are demonstrating.  You can put this together with question and answer.

4. Creating a Step-by-Step Guide helps everyone, even you! This is a step-by-step guide using your product or service, or something related to it. This is a broader picture than the review of the walk-through, as your product or service is only part, it fits into the overall picture.

Literally walk the reader through step by step, like an instruction manual when you buy something new.  Write it and then go through it one by one to make sure no steps are missing.  The writing should be simple and well-spaced.


5. Lists seem to be a never-ending trend – top 10, best 50, first 7 – and so on. You can create a list for anything!  One key tip is to make your list an odd number, don’t ask me why.

Publishing a list can help you in an unexpected way.  People can easily use your list in their own curated information, providing a link back to you.  And, you guessed it, Google loves back-links!

(Keeping in mind that you want credit when someone uses your information, always be sure to credit someone else if you use their information. Remember writing those papers in school when you had to list references?  Same thing here.)


6. A Round-up article could be many things. You can use it to round up a number of different posts that you have written, providing a link to each one.  This also serves to give you internal links which search engines love.

If you use Yoast, you will notice internal links is one of the things that Yoast checks.

You could also do a Round-up of a number of different products, either as a comparison or as a bundle.  Again, you can provide links to each product, giving easy navigation within your site and an easy way for someone to navigate to the purchase page.

7. Interviews are always interesting and attractive to readers and provide a lot of leeway about the topic. Pick someone well-known and put the name in the headline.  Yes, this can help get free traffic!

Or pick someone less well-known but with interesting and important things to say.  You may even help to promote someone just to be helpful.

Have a key point or message for each interview, remembering keywords and phrases.  You can provide this as a written interview, a recording, a video or all 3!


And there you go, 7 different formats that will help you and your content to get free traffic!  Just pick one and start writing!!

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