Is email marketing your best traffic source?

Email marketing is your best traffic source, but do you cringe at the thought of having to build an email list? If you don’t have an email list, why not?

Many people groan, resist or run away from the idea of doing email marketing. Maybe that’s because many people have a misguided idea of what it is.  It is simply an outreach program. Your customers agree to receive emails from you, and you send emails to communicate with your customer.

It helps to build your business, that’s all.  And everyone making money online has an email list.

3 reasons why people don’t want to do email marketing:

  1. it’s too much work – initially, you spend some time to set it up, as with everything.  You need an auto-responder to collect the emails and manage the communications with the people on your list. After the set-up, each time that you write an email, it gets sent to your whole list.  If you think of it as one email rather than the people on the list, you see that it actually saves work.
  2. it’s old-fashioned and/or dead – it is neither.  In fact, it is still the most viable and efficient way to communicate and build a relationship with your customer.
  3. it costs too much – you can start for free as you build your list.  When you read a certain number of subscribers, it does start to cost money.  But at that point, you should be seeing financial benefits from your email list to more than makeup for any cost. (How to do this is the subject of another post.) And if you compare it to other forms of paid marketing, it is the least expensive and gives the best ROI.

Why do you want to do email marketing?

Email is the easiest and best opportunity for you to build a customer base, or fan base if you prefer.  It is a business asset, with a real dollar value.  You use emails to inform them about any new products, special sales or discounts, events, anything going on in your business.

People on your email list are not “followers” like on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.  “Followers” could disappear tomorrow if one of those platforms shuts off your account – even if by mistake.  And I do know people who have lost their account on FB and instantly lost their followers, sometimes tens of thousands.  Imagine building up your following and then have it disappears!  If these same people had been on an email list, the person would just carry on.  If not, start from zero!

It’s great to have that following on social media.  But it’s better to have that following on an email list, that you own and control.

And as mentioned above, your ROI is higher using email marketing than any other digital marketing channel. If you compare it to paid advertising, “For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you could earn as much as $44. Paid advertising, on the other hand, has an average ROI of 200%. This means you get $2 for every $1 you spend”, according to Campaign Monitor.

Why email marketing is your best traffic source

  1.  Every email contains a link to your website right below the sign-off and your name.
  2. Many emails that you send will also contain a link to a product, photo or article on your site, driving traffic to your site.
  3. An email can be forwarded to a friend or colleague, driving traffic to your site and possibly adding to your list
  4. When they want something that you offer, they think of you first, again driving traffic to your site.
  5. Your customers get to know and trust you and are more likely to purchase from you, a trusted source
  6. You also have a source of instant feedback.
  7. If you automate your email marketing, you can generate more revenue.


Start now. 

Sign up for an auto-responder: 

AWeber which is free up to 500 subscribers, or

GetResponse which has a free trial and then is well-priced after the free trial, based on subscribers.



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