3 Giving Ways Get Free Traffic to Your Site

Getting free traffic to your website comes down to your content, and how you can give it away to get free traffic.  Think of the concept of giving first to receive. In other posts, I talk about how to maximize the actual writing of the content – SEO, format, etc.  And now that you have that content, what do you do with it?

This is a bit of a mind shift. To be successful in a content strategy for free traffic, you have to think in terms of giving.  Only by giving value through your content can you expect to receive free traffic.  And I do mean expect because it will happen.  But as you can see, you have to put in the effort and take that risk first.

What are these ways of giving?  And what do you receive?

Table of Contents

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. Out and about
  3. Have a guest, be a guest
  4. Conclusion


  1. Home Sweet Home

Your website or blog is your home.  And like in your home, you want a visitor to feel like a welcome guest. I have used this home analogy before.) You want it to not only look good but be good.

Ask yourself these questions:


  1. Is it easy to navigate and find things?
  2. Does it look good?  Is it appealing?
  3. Does it provide valuable content?
  4. Is the giveaway (the freebie) valuable and helpful?

When you do all of the above, your guest is willing to give their email in exchange for the free offer.

You increase your free traffic in two ways.  Because it looks good, you offer valuable content and it is easy to use and navigate the website, your guest is more likely to return.

Not only that, if you provide great content, other people will want to link to it.  This gives you authority, credibility (helping with the search engines), and free traffic directly from that link!

With the email address you receive in exchange for giving something away for free, you can grow your relationship by email.  You build trust over time, making each person more likely to visit your site and purchase from you.

Both of these also encourage sharing of your site to others, again growing the number of visitors to your site.

Key point:  Each of these things work together and must each be done well.  No shaky legs on the table that you build!

  1. Out and About – aka being social on social media

With your site in good shape and your email system set up, it’s time to share on social media – Facebook,

Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube would be the top 4 choices.  Start with just one.

How? Keep in mind the concept of giving first with the expectation of receiving later.

The same rules apply – give value and make it easy and fun for whoever follows you on your social media.

Create a specific profile, or page depending on the platform, specifically for your site.

The goal of your social media is to have people visit your site.  They’re likely to share and link to their guest article, which could bring new readers to your site. Just be sure that you only post high-quality, original content without spammy links, because Google is cracking way down on low-quality guest blogging. What you post on social media is part of your give-away, a taste of what you are about.

Whichever social media platform you choose (start with just one!), follow best practices for it.

Make sure that what you share on social media is coherent with you and your site i.e. branding.

  1. Have a Guest, Be a Guest

Giving something with someone else’s site can be done in two ways – giving content or giving exposure.

Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay

You can give away content by writing a guest post for the other site which provides a link back to your site.  When someone reads your guest post and likes the content, they will visit your site.  And this means free traffic!

Or you can have someone write a guest post on your site, which provides exposure on their site with a link to your site. You are allowing your readers to read other content.

And the author is likely to share their guest article, giving you exposure to new potential free traffic.

While many people suggest paying or being paid for guest posting, there is value in doing it for free if you can receive free traffic from it.

As always, follow the rules for delivering content either from the guest or as a guest. It must be high quality, useful and look good.  And no spam, ever!!!

This also contributes to your branding, another intangible benefit.

  1. Conclusion

Now you have 3 ways of giving first to receive later. You give great content, it gets linked to, and since people like your content, they share and they give you their email in exchange for a freebie (report, ebook, mini-course, etc.)


Key point:  This does take time and patience.  You are building a long-term asset. And even if what you write today doesn’t deliver immediate results, it stays there to continue to provide value.  And each time you add a piece of content, you add to your free traffic.  The rush hour will come!

To create a framework and a complete traffic strategy  get this program.

Key Point:  This approach keeps your focus on your customer or visitor, on what you can give them, not get from them.  Life and business are both so much more enjoyable this way.