Use this Simple Tool to prevent overwhelm

This morning I found myself feeling like there were too many pieces flying around.

Webinars, courses, a kazillion emails.  Tips, tricks, actions steps.  Password resets. (My personal favorite is when I need to reset a password and they ask for the previous password.  If I knew that, I wouldn’t need to reset it!! Very chicken and egg.) Various programs purchased over the years, some not useful and some very useful. On and on.  Does this happen to you?

Some of these things we need on more than a daily basis, and others we probably don’t ever need again!

Sometimes it all gets a little overwhelming.  It’s like standing outside in a rainstorm without an umbrella, with all that rain pouring down on you.  And yet, you’re thirsty!

It struck me that I am probably not alone in this and that it might help you if I shared what works for me.

In the very old days, when things were pieces of paper and not digital, I created files based on my business goals and needs.  And every time a piece of paper came into my hands, I asked myself which file it would go into.  If it couldn’t be filed, I threw it out.  No “oh gee, this might be interesting someday…” or “I might need this…”  Nope. File or garbage.

You have to clear on your goal and mission.  And you have to be ruthless.  Trust me, the more you do this the easier it gets.  You get such clarity from this, you will surprise yourself.  Maybe others, too 🙂

Now we are digital, so it gets simpler and easier.

A tool so simple…

The simplicity of this is deceptive.  But it works.

The very simple tool that I use is a spreadsheet where I put all of the info required for my business or site.  And if something comes along that does not fit into a category, I spend no time on it.

If on the other hand, I purchase a course or create an account for a tool, I enter the information immediately into that spreadsheet, keeping it current and up-d0-date.  No more writing usernames and passwords somewhere where I forget to find them!

This means spending a bit of time, energy and discipline. The result is clarity.

And once you start this, you free up your brain which means less stress and more productivity and creativity.

Below is a sample to get you started.  You have to create your own headings and fill in the information. If spreadsheets make you scream, you can create a table instead.  Both will allow you to add rows as needed.

In my example, there are 3 sheets.  The first is Business which keeps you on track and clear.  The second is Education where you would put information related to any courses that you buy.  The third is OLD where you would transfer any cancelled or outdated accounts from the Business page.

The hardest part is to create the sheet in the first place.  The next hardest part is being disciplined about keeping it up to date.  The reward is, as stated above, clarity.  And extra time!!

Have a go at it and see if it helps you.